Contact your pool professional for advice on maintaining a healthy pool.

Directions for maintaining optimum swimming pool salt levels

  • Check salt levels and add salt to replace backwash and other losses.
  • Add salt to pool to maintain at manufacturers recommended level.
  • Pull easy open strip to open bag and pour salt evenly around pool.
  • Add no more than two bags of salt to your pool at any one time.
  • Circulate pool water with chlorinator off to mix and dissolve salt.
  • Do not pour into skimmer box or into one place in bottom of pool.
  • Do not place packaging in pool. Dispose to avoid hazard to children.
  • Consult your pool professional for advice on managing your pool.
  • Other factors will affect the health and clarity of your pool water.

Salt Water Swimming Pool Chlorination and Swimming Pool Salt

The modern low cost method of maintaining swimming pool water quality is to use a salt water pool system with a salt water chlorinator. The chlorinator uses electrolysis to continually convert salt (sodium chloride) to sodium hypochlorite. Salt levels are maintained in the swimming pool water to ensure efficient operation of the chlorination unit and proper levels of free chlorine in the pool water. After an initial charge of salt, the pool then only requires regular top up of salt to replace losses through spillage and back washing. Swimming pool salt is generally supplied either as a low cost coarse wet grade product or as a finer premium refined dried product that is finer and dissolves more easily.